TapMania iOS

TapMania is the classic DDR simulator for iOS. Hours and hours of fun wherever you go. Originally developed and released in 2007-2009.

TapMania on AppStore

TapMania Features

Play on the GO

TapMania is always with you wherever you go

Unlimited content

With thousands of songs available for download online you will never run out of content to play


There are multiple modifiers available such as multiplying speed, reverse scroll, hidden, sudden and stealth modes

Song Selection

Keyboard and Controller

You can connect a bluetooth keyboard or a ps4/xbox controller and use it to play instead of using the touch screen

Timing sync

There is a sync option to make sure the timing is correct no matter whether you play on the built in speaker or on a bluetooth headset

Custom themes/noteskins

There are community-created themes and noteskins available for download below

Community Content

DDR Extreme Theme

by LM280

Beautiful DDR Extreme theme compatible with TapMania 0.8

DDR Max2 Theme

by LM280

DDR Max2 theme compatible with TapMania 0.8

DDR Party Collection Theme

by LM280

DDR Party Collection theme compatible with TapMania 0.8

DDR Note Noteskin

by LM280

DDR Note (red and blue) noteskin

DDR Rainbow Noteskin

by LM280

Rainbow noteskin (from DDR arcade)

DDR Vivid Noteskin

by LM280

Vivid noteskin (from DDR arcade)