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Time:r Features

Time Your Exercises

Time:r is designed to be a powerful yet user-friendly timer. Tap and slide gestures to start, stop the timer as well as edit latest results on the fly.

Warmup and Goal Time

You can set your own exercise goal as well as a warmup time that counts down before the actual exercise starts

Rest Presets

Long press the screen to reveal a selection of predefined rest intervals that wont be saved to your history but serve as an easy way to know how much you rest between your sets


Handstand Mode

To help you time your handstands more accurately Time:r allows your device to detect when you get into and fall out of your handstand outamatically

History and Charts

Once you specify the type of exercise you are doing we are storing each result and allow you to review them as well as check out some fancy charts of your progress

Metronome and Sounds

We included a metronome function that will be useful while doing certain types of exercises as well as general sounds to guide you thru your sets